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Recovery Tracker


The Recovery Tracker is a “pre-post” screening tool that is intended to be completed at intake (known as the Pre-treatment screening), and after treatment (known as the Post-treatment screening). Both the pre-treatment screening and an unlimited number of post-treatment screenings can easily be scheduled on the administrative side of the platform by a treatment center staff member. All that is required to schedule the screenings is completion of some basic data fields and a few mouse clicks, taking less than 4 minutes to complete. For those clients/patients who will do self-administered screenings, the screening prompts can be sent to the client/patient via email and/or text message.


The frequency and duration of the post screenings is up to your discretion, meaning you can prompt (or facilitate) as many post screenings as you like, at any intervals, and over any duration of time. At a minimum, however, we do recommend that screenings be administered at intake, and at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after intake. Upon completion of each screening by the client, our database logs the data into the client record, and provides a longitudinal view of the client’s progress.


In addition, any responses by the client on any of the post screenings which may be predictive of a relapse or potential for relapse, causes the client record to populate to the Alerts Inbox on the administrative side of the platform. This, in turn, triggers alert emails to be sent to appropriate staff members who are prompted to log into the administrative page, retrieve the screening data, and then make contact with the client as needed.


The Recovery Tracker consists of 3 parts:


(Please note: Parts 1 and 2 are applicable to substance use, eating disorder and process addiction populations. Part 3 is intended for substance use populations only. However, Part 3 can easily be customized for eating disorder and process addiction populations. Contact Radiant Behavioral for more information.)


Part 1 is a quality of life measure consisting of our 10 item Wellbeing Checkup which asks the client to rate his/her level of satisfaction across 10 life-domains over the prior 3 month period. The Wellbeing Checkup maps to SAMHSA’s 4 Dimensions of Recovery. The 10 life-domains include:


  • Job satisfaction
  • Career satisfaction
  • Marriage/relationship satisfaction
  • Social relationships satisfaction
  • Family relationships satisfaction
  • Community satisfaction
  • Personal finances
  • Physical health
  • Mental/emotional health
  • Religion/spirituality


Part 2 is a Mood Tracker consisting of ten items. The first 9 items ask the client to rate the degree to which he/she has been troubled by the following over the prior 3 month period:


Item 10 asks the respondent to rate his degree of confidence in maintaining his/her S= sobriety.


Part 3 of the initial pre-screen is the NIDA Modified ASSIST version 3.0* developed by the World Health Organization. The ASSIST screener records and measures substance use across eight different substance-types over the prior 3 month period, and then calculates an addiction severity score. The substances that are screened for are as follows:


  • Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, spirits, etc.)
  • Cannabis (marijuana, pot, grass, hash, etc.)
  • Cocaine (coke, crack, etc.)
  • Amphetamine type stimulants (speed, diet pills, ecstasy, etc.)
  • Inhalants (nitrous, glue, petrol, paint thinner, etc.)
  • Sedatives or Sleeping Pills (Valium, Serepax, Rohypnol, etc.)
  • Hallucinogens (LSD, acid, mushrooms, PCP, Special K, etc.)
  • Opioids (heroin, morphine, methadone, codeine, etc.)


*Tobacco has been omitted from this screener


Part 3 of the post-screen is our Sobriety Scale which asks the client about abstinence, slips, and relapse.